Transformer oil testing & analysis

Transformer oil testing and analysis dissolved gas analysis PCB oil quality

Unexpected transformer failures are never a good thing. Many manufacturers and insurance companies recommend annual testing of transformers for early detection of potential problems which is why we offer oil analysis as one of our many services. Tens of thousands of samples are tested each year for Dissolved Gases, PCB Content, Moisture, and more.

With more than 50 years of experience in transformers, we have the knowledge to help you determine the condition of your transformers and develop a course of action.

We offer the following transformer oil tests for our customers:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (D3612-C)
  • PCB Analysis (D4059)
  • Moisture-Karl Fischer (D1533)
  • Interfacial Tension (D971)
  • Acid No. (D974)
  • Color/Visual (D1524)
  • Dielectric (D877)
  • Oxidation Inhibitor (D4768)
  • Power Factor @ 25 degrees C (D924)
  • Power Factor @ 100 degrees C (D924)
  • Specific Gravity (D1298)

or call us for a transformer oil sampling kit.

Sampling instructions: How to take a transformer oil sample (278 KB)