Substation transformers

Substation Transformers
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Alfa Transformer stocks reconditioned, three-phase, substation transformers through 10 MVA in a variety of configurations. Many of these transformers can be shipped quickly.

New medium-voltage substation transformers and power transformers are designed and built to your specifications.

  • To 10 MVA
  • HV up to 34.5 kV
  • LV up to 4.16 kV
  • Substation style (cover-mounted bushings)
  • Unit substation style (side-mounted bushings)
  • Surge arresters
  • Gauges with contacts
  • Alarms
  • Solar/Wind/Generator step-up applications
  • Retrofit replacement transformers
  • Zig-zag grounding transformers
  • Arc furnace transformers
  • Testing transformers
  • Motor-starting transformers
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** Lead times vary.