Renewable energy transformers

Renewable Energy Transformers Solar Inverter Wind Farm

Alternative renewable energy is growing rapidly worldwide and Alfa Transformer has been serving this market for more than 20 years. We offer special GSU transformers for the solar, wind, geothermal, and biogen power markets. These applications require special design considerations because of the internal and external stresses placed upon the transformers.

standard ratings and features

  • Pad mounted or substation
  • 45 to 10,000 KVA
  • Up to 34.5 kV
  • Bi-directional
  • 50 or 60 Hz
  • 55°C or 65°C
  • Mineral oil or FR3 fluid filled
  • Copper or aluminum windings
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Pressure/vacuum gauge
  • De-energized tap changer
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Upper filter press connection
  • Drain valve with sample port
  • Suitable for rolling or skidding

optional features

  • Custom KVA ratings
  • Custom voltages
  • Current transformers
  • Contacts on gauges
  • Winding temperature gauge
  • Pressure relief device
  • Sudden pressure rise relay
  • Forced air cooling
  • Surge arresters
  • Loadbreak switches
  • Stainless steel construction
  • High altitude
  • Seismic conditions and anchoring
  • 2, 3, or 4 winding designs
  • Special transition to inverter LV connection