DOE 2016 transformer standards

DOE 2016 energy efficiency standards

On January 1, 2016, the new US Department of Energy efficiency standards replaced the previous TP-1 standards that began January 1, 2007. Most common distribution transformers that are manufactured and/or sold in the United States are covered by these newer, stricter standards.

What do these new standards mean to you?

  • Higher prices - To achieve a more efficient design, transformer manufacturers are utilizing more efficient core steel, better core designs, and/or more conductor for the coils. All of these translate into higher costs.
  • Longer lead times - More efficient core steel cannot be cut by existing equipment. This has forced transformer manufacturers to invest in new shearing machinery and/or outsource the cutting of core material. This has contributed to longer lead times.
  • Larger transformers - Using more core steel and conductor has resulted in larger core and coil assemblies. Some dry type transformers are requiring larger enclosures because existing enclosures cannot accommodate the larger size.
  • Energy savings? - Yes, more efficient transformers will use less energy. The question is, how much less? Industry experts predict decades to recover your investment in a new energy efficient transformer.

why you should have your transformer repaired by Alfa

Remanufactured, reconditioned, and repaired transformers are not subject to the new government standards. Having your transformer repaired by Alfa can save you money, time, and installation issues.

  • Lower price - Because a new, larger core and coil design is not necessary to meet new government standards, we can repair your transformer at a lower cost than a new transformer.
  • Shorter lead times - Since manufacturing a new core is not necessary, lead times for the repair of transformers will not be affected by the new government standards.
  • Perfect fit - Because of the new government standards, new transformers are requiring costly custom designs to make them fit into existing spaces. When we repair your transformer you won't have to worry about it fitting into the existing space.